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The Full Story

Tucked away in a handsome cantina that resembles old-world Texas, lies the workshop for Cenizo Hatworks. Here among the cotton and cattle, hats are built the old-fashioned way, with heart, craftsmanship, and quality to last a lifetime.


Cenizo hats are small batch, crafted one at a time, with the focus on the fit and feel just as much as the look. Our hats can be seen worn by hardworking ranchers and farmers and donned by celebrities. These hats are workhorses, built to accompany you on whichever road you travel, and for the long haul.


A good hat is a cultural masterpiece that can tell a story, whether about heritage, work ethic, style, or all of the above. We’d be honored to help tell your story.

The Craft Behind
The Hat

Our Hats Are Built to Tell Your Story & Last a Lifetime

Our heralded makers hail from Texas.

Trained in the finest handcrafting techniques and traditional making, we are passionate about connecting our discerning clients to the time-honored craft of hatmaking. 


Let’s Work Together

Contact us to discuss your new custom hat. 

Thank you for reaching out to Cenizo Hatworks. We will be in touch soon.

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Meet Our Master Maker

Cassandra is deeply rooted in the Lone Star State, honoring her heritage through her designs. Her love for design paired with raw talent delivers masterful work, handmade with accuracy, elegance, and bold creativity. As a perfectionist, Cassandra is a true artisan, passionate about authenticity in her endeavors to make each hat a legendary and cherished heirloom for its owner.

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