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Custom Hats

Browse Our Hand-Crafted Hats to Inspire Your Own Custom

Bull Crease Limited Editions

Our signature hat is crafted with a meticulous and laborious hand-constructed process, allowing for fewer than 30 of these pieces to be created annually. Place a deposit to secure yours.

Cenizo Hatworks does not take a one-size-fits-all approach to this time-honored trade. We use the traditional hat-making process and tools dating back for centuries, sculpting each hat in felt to last beyond a lifetime. Each hat is handcrafted with thoughtful precision and quality to fit and feel as amazing as it looks. Made specifically for you, we strive to build a hat that can slip on like butter and wear like a badge of honor while you sip on smooth spirits around a crackling fire.  


Tradition and authenticity are paramount to our process. Cenizo Hatworks proudly partners with communities here in the Southwest for specific services and products to enrich each item. We’ve made custom pieces for cowboys and celebrities alike. They appreciate the heritage in our making, the handmade details in our quality, and perhaps most importantly, the sense of individual distinction that Cenizo Hatworks provides.


Our mission is simply to give you the real deal, which means attention to comfort, lasting quality, and design. We’d be honored to build a hat that is distinctly yours for beyond a lifetime.

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